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“KNOW YOUR FOOD” is a short film series which introduces viewers to the terms and principles that enable them to be more responsible, sustainably-minded consumers. For this series, we’ve worked closely with hundreds of thought leaders from every aspect of our food system to explain the real cost of cheap food, we’ve explored concepts like GMO and Organic, and we have discovered solutions to such challenges as food waste and seafood fraud. By learning these key principles, consumers can do their part to fix our food system.

Filmmakers Douglas Gayeton and Laura Howard-Gayeton have turned their pioneering method of mixing hand-written text with photo collage into a stunning collection of short films that mix animation by Pier Giorgio Provenzano with live action interviews with food producers from across the country.

Our previously released award-winning films “Story of an Egg”, “Local” and “Forage” explore terms such as “cage free,” “food miles,” and “eating in season”. Watch them below!

The Lexicon of Sustainability™ shorts are a


production, funded and presented by ITVS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, with residual funding through a crowdsourced platform.

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Watch The Story of an Egg on PBS. See more from The Lexicon of Sustainability.


Running Time: 6:00
[featuring David Evans, Alexis Koefoed, Nancy Gleason]
produced by Laura Howard-Gayeton
directed and written by Douglas Gayeton
edited and animated by Pier Giorgio Provenzano

Can learning the meaning of a single term actually help change the food system?  David Evans and Alexis Koefoed think so.  These poultry farmers explain the real story behind such terms as “cage free, “free range” and “pasture raised” so that consumers can make informed decisions when they go to their local supermarket.


David Evans
A third generation farmer in West Marin, David raises pastured poultry and grassfed beef for customers across the entire San Francisco Bay Area.
Marin Sun Farms
“Pasture Management”
Inverness, CA

Alexis Koefoed
Soul Food Farm
“Pasture Raised vs. Cage Free
Vacaville, CA




Running Time: 5:36
[featuring Tyler Grey, Iso Rabins, Fallen Fruit, Running Squirrel]
produced by Laura Howard-Gayeton
directed and written by Douglas Gayeton
edited and animated by Evan Andrews

Our earliest descendants were hunter/gatherers who foraged for their food, were in tune with their surroundings, and ate with the seasons.  After foraging was essentially replaced by agriculture, people became increasingly detached from where their food came from.  Foraging offers people a way to reconnect with nature and shows that food is all around us.


Tyler Gray
This lifelong forager turned his passion into a business specialized in providing chefs around the USA with the rarest in foraged edibles.
Mikuni Wild Harvest
“Wild Harvest”
Vancouver, BC

David Burns + Austin Young
Along with their partner, Matias Viegener this collective has mapped the locations of fruit across Los Angeles, inspiring similar projects around the globe.
Fallen Fruit Collective
“Fallen Fruit
Los Angeles, CA

Iso Rabins
The leader of a San Francisco collective which forages for edible plants across the city, often making discoveries in the most unlikely places.
Forage SF
Eating in Season
San Francisco, CA

Running Squirrel
This Cherokee Indian learned to forage from his mother, who taught him to watch how and what animals eat and to always leave something before for whomever comes after.
Near Dougan Falls
Skamania County, WA.




Running Time: 5:36
produced by Laura Howard-Gayeton
directed and written by Douglas Gayeton
edited and animated by Pier Giorgio Provenzano

As consumers take increased responsibility for what they eat, many choose to become “locavores”, favoring foods grown or produced in their communities.  By voting “local” with their pocketbooks when they go to the supermarket, these consumers keep money in local economies while supporting and strengthening local food systems. They also decrease their “food miles” and with it their carbon footprint, of critical importance in confronting the challenge of climate change.

Still, even the most responsible consumers can’t find everything locally.  Coffee, spices and most fish often come from halfway around the world. In these cases, consumers can embrace the principle of a “connected market”.  By applying the same rationale used when buying local products to those that come from great distances, consumers can ensure their purchases support the growth and production of responsible and sustainable food systems.


Jessica Prentice

Coined the term “locavore” to describe people like herself who lived primarily on food produced locally.
Three Stone Hearth
Berkeley, CA

Annabelle Lenderink

A Northern California Farmer specialized in rare vegetable and fruit varieties.
Star Route Farms
“Heirloom vs. Hybrid”
Bolinas, CA

John Lagier

A prominent grower providing a variety of citrus for the San Francisco foodshed.
Lagier Ranches
“Food Miles”
Escalan, CA

Novella Carpenter

Author of “Farm City”, the NY Times bestselling book on her many challenges in converting a vacant city lot into a thriving city garden.
Ghost Town Farm
“Urban Farmer
Oakland, CA

Gary Jackemuk & Craig Ruggless

These homeowners converted their suburban backyard into a full-fledged farm providing produce and pastured poultry for farmers markets and restaurants across Los Angeles.
Winnetka Farms
Winnetka, CA
Local is my Own Backyard

David and Shannon Negus

Based in Yakutat, Alaska, this family owned company that catches, processes, and ships sustainably managed Salmon across the US.
Mystic Salmon
“Connected Market”
Yakutat, Alaska

Many thanks to the LEXICON CONTRIBUTORS who have donated to our film series through crowd funding!:
Michelle Kobayashi
Thomas Kraft
Michael Babin
Sean Flaherty
Jim Reichardt
Mud Baron
Eoin O’Neill
Jim Ballantine
Donna McLoughlin
Frank Dellario
Yun Yang
Natasha Juliana
Casey Havre
Jasmine P Walton
Susan Ventura
David Rowitch
Ed Faine
Thomas Harmon
Lauren Harmon
Benzi Ronen
Alexis Koefed
Nancy Prive
Rocky Rowhedder
Courtney Baines-Smith
Jen Howard
Robert Howard
Judith Howard
Lynn Hirshfield
Jayne Hillman
Gillian Popper

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Farm Fairies

As speculators keep driving the price of available farmland higher, new farmers like Kasey and Jeff from Lonesome Whistle Farm in Eugene, Oregon are priced out of the market. Socially responsible "slow money" investors help small farmers buy farmland ... keeping food local and affordable.