The Lexicon of Sustainability™ is now building a social content platform connecting users to the key innovations, products and people driving the sustainability revolution.



We live in a world of finite resources and our current way of living is not sustainable.  We need new ideas.

Sustainability is not a trend.  Every business sector, from manufacturing to waste, energy to water, transportation to our food system, is searching for more sustainable solutions.  The ideas and innovations that define this movement will catalyze the new economy.

Despite this need for information and community among both producers and consumers, the Internet has yet to capture this vital conversation on a single website.



The Lexicon of Sustainability™ is an easy-to-use social idea platform connecting users to innovative ideas and solutions in a dozen sustainability areas: Food & Farming to Clean Tech, Health & Lifestyle to Manufacturing, Water to Waste, Public Policy to the Environment.  

You will be able to:

* add your own definitions and terms to the Lexicon, then moderate the conversations that grow around your ideas

*subscribe to your key areas of interest and even receive notifications about new ideas and innovations 

* shop in our “goods and services marketplace”

*participate in site-wide challenges with other users that allow you to apply sustainable principles and solutions to you own life


Sustainability is not a buzzword. It is the new reality.  Those who are meeting its challenges will become the architects of a new economy.  The sustainability audience is highly educated and socially engaged. They are doers, active participants not only on the web but in the real world.

A few websites, including Grist, Treehugger, and Alternet, cover elements of this sustainability conversation, but these are essentially curated blog sites with no social network functionality or community development. Despite their limited scope, each has approximately 4 million unique monthly web visits. By incorporating social network functionality and Facebook integration, along with additional revenue streams from content licensing and sponsorships, we can capture and own this audience, with projected total gross revenues of $30.7 million by our fifth year of service.

Competitive Advantages

The Lexicon of Sustainability’s advantage over competitors is threefold:

To learn more about the project, contact douglas [at] lexiconofsustainability [dot] com.

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Farm Fairies

As speculators keep driving the price of available farmland higher, new farmers like Kasey and Jeff from Lonesome Whistle Farm in Eugene, Oregon are priced out of the market. Socially responsible "slow money" investors help small farmers buy farmland ... keeping food local and affordable.