Our 2013 Lexicon of Sustainability Calendar is sold out!

Posted On: 2011/10/25 by dg

Thanks to the thousands of folks who showed support for the Lexicon by purchasing our 2013 Calendar. We promise something even grander for next year!

  • Allie Bernhard

    I won’t be buying 25, but I will definitely buy multiple copies if you make more prints! I don’t care that it’s March already, these are beautiful! :)

  • Caitlin

    The price is the same for shipping within the US as it is outside of the US. Is that a mistake? I bought last year’s calendar for $19.50, and am a bit surprised that it’s jumped to $26.50.

  • melanie

    why does it say 15 for the calendar but it charges you 18 + shipping and tax?

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